Gingrich volunteers now sport white T-Shirts bearing the portentous slogan.

From now to September 27th, is how long Newt Gingrich is giving other Republican candidates to begin talking the talk. What talk? Newt Gingrich talk of course.

The Wall street Journal says, ”If the other candidates have picked up his ideas and have launched what he calls a civil dialogue by then ”there will be no reason for me to have to run,” he (Gingrich) says. And if not: ”Then we’ll seriously take a look.” ”All the candidates will resemble bad reruns of ’Survivor’ by August,” Mr. Gingrich predicts. ”And it’s not like my name recognition is going to go down over the next seven months,” he adds.

Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, says that Gingrich is waiting for a couple more presidential hopefuls to stumble. Gingrich will be ”next in the door if that happens.”

So, what about the confession in an interview this past week with Focus on the Family leader James Dobson, that while calling for the impeachment of Bill Clinton who was having an affair with a young staffer, that Gingrich himself was also carrying on an extra-marital affair with a young staffer?

Paul Weyrich, founder of the Free Congress Foundation, a conservative think tank, says that he believes his members will accept Mr. Gingrich’s contrition. ”He says he has gone down on his knees to ask God’s forgiveness for his weakness. Our people are very oriented toward accepting that,” says Mr. Weyrich.

Though popular with a large segment of Republicans for his ”red-blooded appeals to patriotism, religious faith, and a muscular foreign policy,” the WSJ reports that McCain and Giuliani advisers predict that a Gingrich campaign would quickly lose steam. The WSJ also notes that one poll has shown that 14% of potential Republican voters would ”definitely not vote for him.”

Would you?

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