I haven’t done an update on my MBA progress for a while. I’m just now finishing my second year of the 4 year, distance MBA program through Colorado State University. The distance cohort is an extension of the evening, MBA program at Fort Collins, CO–there is no full time MBA program. Nevertheless, the program is AACSB accredited and the Business School ranks in the top 100.

My current course on Business Economics will finish in a few weeks and I’ll have the summer off this year. For now however I am 1 DVD lecture behind and have my first project coming due in a week. This actually isn’t too bad. Lectures for this course occur on Tuesday evenings and I receive my DVD on Friday mornings–I will be caught up before the next lecture arrives. Previous to Econ I took Statistics. I entered the course with a measure of dread but actually came out quite well (B+), an outcome that is due in a large part to high-quality teaching staff. I can only hope for the same with economics.

After this…

Only two more years to go!

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