”Maggies Farm”

Here’s a cute little site where you can read recent reviews from Bob Dylan’s 2005 tour. I liked this little snippet about Dylan’s opener, ”Maggie’s Farm.”

Apart from the fact that we can hardly expect a different opener these
days and weeks (with Dylan still suffering from Amazon-timeloopiness),
there is nothing negative I could say about its standardized setlist
positions in general, and surely nothing about this version in special.
From the second verse on you could tell that Dylan was willing and able to
look for something in his vocal delivery. There were some beautifully
nasty phrasings full of relish that were a delight to hear (”aint gonna
work for Maggies maaaaaaaaa no more!” – with ”more sounding like a
little piece of garbage that he almost forgot to throw after the event).
The song was very tight and almost too short for my liking.

A Guardian article reflects on Dylan’s relevancy for 2005 (click here).

… or click here for another Guardian write up.

Here’s a review from the NJ concert, 2005, with pictures

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