Here’s a historic URL from my little home town in Hatzic, British Columbia, Canada,

Xaytem refers to the site of an ancient Stó:lo Nation village. It lies a couple of hundred feet north of highway 7 just past the Hatzic General Store on the way to Hatzic lake.

The site was discovered in 1990 when a bulldozer was employed in a preliminary redevelopment effort. A meter and a half below the surface of the ground, additional stones were discovered as well as a preserved longhouse!

This is personally interesting to me in that I grew up in the area and the rock was a frequent playsite for neighborhood children. To us it was simply ”the big rock.” Standing by itself in a farmer’s field, it was an object for our fanciful speculation. None of us guessed that it had first nations’ significance.

Xa:YtemThe Big Rock

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