The kids are back to school and so am I. This year our second oldest child is a senior and his sister is a sophomore. Our youngest daughter is in sixth grade and our oldest child is beginning his senior year at Cornell University. I’m in my second year of a four year distance MBA through Colorado State University.

Fall in Phoenix is the promise of six months of weather to die for. We’ve suffered the triple digits since May but the decline in temperatures has begun: by October the AC will be turned off and the breezes will actually feel cool! I grew up near Vancouver, BC. in Hatzic. My wife grew up in Edmonton AB. I’ve lived in temperate, extremely cold and now, extremely hot climates–I think I like temperate best.

My first course this academic year is ”Leadership and Motivation” and one of our texts is the book by Jim Collins, ”Good to Great,” about exceptional leaders who were instrumental in leading good companies to be truely great companies. Collin’s methodology alone is fascinating reading. His thorough research lends credence to his findings concerning what he calls ”level 5″ leaders. I won’t spoil anyone’s read but for those involved in leadership the book is a must.

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