I can’t believe it’s been this long since I’ve stopped to blog!

Since April I completed one more course and most of a second towards my MBA. ”Supply Chain Management” was finished in mid-May and now we’re wrapping up ”Financial Statement Analysis.” We’re at the final exam stage this weekend and from there we have four weeks to complete the project: a team-based, analysis of a minimum of the last five years of 10 K filings by a pair of related companies. The analysis is from an investor’s point of view, looking towards a final decision of which company to invest in.

”What if they’re both dogs,” asked one student.

”That could happen,” acknoledged the prof, ”in that case you’ll just have to decide which dog is the ugliest.

My team is tackling Snap on tools vs Black and Decker. So far it looks like fun. We’ve initially split the tasks into analysis of liquidity, profitability, cash flows, solvency and industry benchmarks/comparisons. One of the looming concerns for many corporations is pension funding and future obligations. This will be one of the issues considered under ”solvency.” The subject titles may not be precise but they’re a starting point.

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