My son (see ) nagged me last night for an update so here it is! What do you say when you don’t think you have anything to say? I guess you say it so that readers can have the privilege of forming that judgment for themselves.

Ah, what a delightful textbook!

I purchased the softcover, imported from Singapore for half of the American price. Why oh why doesn’t a digitized copy come with textbooks today? There ought to be a public demand for the advantages of ”cut n’ paste” notetaking; ”easy highlighting” etc.

I’ve tried to keep my own copy of this text in pristine condition in the hopes of a quick resale after the course (providing they don’t change the text) but as the covers (soft, remember) have begun to crinkle and curl I suppose I might as well give in and ink it up a little.

Now, being new to blogging, I wonder, is rambling permissible within this genre? How about tangentiality? Overinclusiveness? Or, are all the sins of thought and speech fair game?

I took two days off this week to get re-fingerprinted for the final process of our I-485 (green card) petition and to get caught up in my reading and lectures for my accounting course A week’s worth of lecture arrives a few days after the Monday evening class at CSU and I am two weeks behind (including homework). Our group project has just been announced and I need a clean slate to begin with that on Monday. Sufficient to say ”TTFN.” I’ll deliver a progress report at the beginning of the week!

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